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152: Snow Trouble at All Part 2

19th Oct 2016, 12:10 AM
152: Snow Trouble at All Part 2
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AutobotDen 19th Oct 2016, 12:10 AM
Happy Thursday, Jobzombies! Yay! I made it on time again! Here's hoping the trend continues!

Anyway, this was at my last job. I'd missed the day before due to the weather, and stubbornly insisted on driving the 62 miles to get to work the following day, despite the fact that I wouldn't have gotten in trouble for missing (which I found out after I had gotten in...). Nobody had expected me to be sitting at my desk, and I didn't realize during the drive that my dad had been texting me to tell me to turn around and come home, because I keep my phone on silent when I drive, for safety reasons.

I'm the sort who tries to leave for work early enough that I have half an hour or so before I need to be clocked in so I can just chill and get centered. Especially in jobs involving being on the phone all day.

How early do all of y'all show up to work? Or do you rush in as late as possible and try to avoid being late?