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149: My Weird Fear

22nd Sep 2016, 12:00 AM
149: My Weird Fear
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ProjectShiro 22nd Sep 2016, 12:00 AM
Submitted by: Me
Only 1 comic left in my run! As usual it will be double-sized. So it will take 2 weeks to complete. Expect a WIP next week, and the full comic on October 6th!

Free State ComicCon is coming up Saturday October 1st! I'll be there with tons of my comics buds. The new limited edition goodie was announced last week: a one of a kind Sketch Cover Anthology featuring 44 pages of pinups and original content from the 2016 Free State artists! Click the link to see a preview. I'm excited about getting my hands on them, especially that Demona picture, yow! I'll try to get some extras to sell with my own sketches, but you can always commission me to draw on yours as well! See you there!