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TPS Tues: Tabloro Week 3

13th Sep 2016, 12:00 AM
TPS Tues: Tabloro Week 3
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ProjectShiro 13th Sep 2016, 12:00 AM
Happy Tuesday, Jobzombies! The 2nd week of playtesting for ROAD RAGE went wonderfully. We got some much-needed tweaking done on the character powers and things are much more balanced now. There's only 1 more session: This Friday the 16th at 6pm CDT. Once again Tommy and I will be streaming on the Distant Star Games Twitch channel, so come on by to watch if you haven't already! If you want to play with us send me a line at ProjectShiroStudios (at) gmail (dot) com or @RudeSara on Twitter. After the game showcase Tommy will be announcing all the awesome stuff he has planned for the Distant Star Cares charity event in November. (When you can watch me play games on the internet!)

One more announcement for today: Free State ComicCon is coming up Saturday October 1st! I'll be there with tons of my comics buds. This time last year I was taking preorders for HWSS@W Vol 1 because the books literally arrived 1 hour after I left for the show. XD This year the show is creating a new limited edition goodie for you all. I can't wait to announce it! And don't forget the custom sketch longboxes they have every year, and the $5 admission. I love this show.

Until next week, stay sane, folks!