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TPS Tues: KCCC & New Comedy

9th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM
TPS Tues: KCCC & New Comedy
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ProjectShiro 9th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM
Happy Tuesday, Jobzombies! Are you excited for KCCC yet? I sure am! I'll be at Table 828, right across from Kate Sherron! Drop on by for your copy of HWSS@W Vol 1, or just to scope out the new board game prototype!

Speaking of the game, we plan on hosting playtesting sessions online on in the next 3 weeks. Anyone is welcome to join! Keep in mind that it only supports 4 players, so you may have to wait your turn. But the sessions will be 2 hours each, so hopefully we'll be able to play at least 2 games a piece. And of course anyone with a Tabloro account can play it anytime they want as soon as we get everything uploaded. For up-to-date info on the online beta and more please follow the Distant Star Games Twitter feed.

AND in OTHER comic news I was recently inspired by a social media post to start working on a new job-related comic. Imagine a retail employee being so jaded by customers that even demons don't scare them anymore! That's the seed of this new 3rd-shift horror comedy. Which I'll be working on... on top of HWSS@W, the board game, and Landing Party eventually.... Yeah, this isn't going to get done soon BUT we're all super-excited about it. A good friend of mine has agreed to write it so I'll have more time to focus on the art! Now if only I can get some time to work on character designs... Urrrrrgh it's hard, but I'll have to wait for the con this weekend. It's nice to have design bunnies again!!

Until next week, Stay Sane Folks!


AutobotDen 10th Aug 2016, 2:10 AM
If you need character design ideas and feedback, you can always hit me up on Pidgin or find me on Skype. lol