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TPS Tues: PC Creator Spotlight 4

17th May 2016, 12:00 AM
TPS Tues: PC Creator Spotlight 4
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ProjectShiro 17th May 2016, 12:00 AM
Happy Tuesday! Planet Comicon is almost here! I get so excited about this con because it always heralds the beginning of con season for me. And this year they finally moved it away from Nakacon, so I'm looking forward to more attendees than ever. Here's hoping for nice wide aisles for all you Sane Seekers to walk down.

If you come out to table #641 you can pick up volume 1 of How We Stay Sane @ Work along with buttons, Pilfer Prevention Pens, and Jobzombie Prints! Check out the program guide here!

For my last PCC Creator Spotlight I wanted to showcase my boothmates, Ed Bickford and Aaron Walther. Right now they're working on The Birdlander, a post-apocalyptic story about a girl searching for her father. It's just a little harder when he's a mythical figure no one believes exists. I've described Ed's brushwork as lush before, but now he's learning Photoshop coloring. Not to mention he posts new drawings every day on Facebook. Pretty soon I'll have to up my game to keep up!

Aaron is the writer and producer on the book. I first started working with him way back in 2011 on his Zero's Heroes webcomic. Not only is his writing hilarious, but his hands-off approach allowed me to experiment with techniques as I was getting my footing in this comic thing. We've conned together ever since then, and I also learned a bit about pitching from him. I owe him a lot.

So come by the booth and see these guys! They'll have copies of The Birdlander, as well as Zero's Heroes and Science Hero books.

Ed's Twitter: @EdwinBickford
Aaron's Twitter: @aawalther