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TPS Tues: Buttons Pt2 and KCFancon

5th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM
TPS Tues: Buttons Pt2 and KCFancon
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ProjectShiro 5th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM
Happy Tuesday, folks! As promised, here is the final design mock-up for the button box. Be on the lookout for that at Planet Comicon and KCCC this year! I'll be ordering that along with some other supplies as soon as I recover from paying my taxes. @.@

I had a chance to head out to KC Fancon this past Saturday and had a blast! (Even though I was only there for an hour.) I met my good friends Aaron Walther and Ed Bickford. If you haven't seen the new book they're making yet, you really should. It's called The Birdlander, and it's about a young woman named Sumi searching the post-apocalyptic wastes for a mythical figure known only as The Birdlander. Ed's art is stunning and packed full of texture. You can check out The Birdlander online at They just make the 1st issue available for sale yesterday!

I also had a chance to talk with a relatively new friend, Tina Noire. She and her husband Charlie Rock are big wrestling fans, so it's no wonder their first comic is named Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars. It's all done in 3D models, something you don't see a lot. KC Fancon was their first show and I'm so happy for them! They also have a superhero and fantasy series currently in the works. You can follow them at their blogspot, Facebook, and Twitter

That's all for now. Stay sane, folks!