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TPS Tues: Resource Shortages

7th Mar 2016, 11:00 PM
TPS Tues: Resource Shortages
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ProjectShiro 7th Mar 2016, 11:00 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone. The news I have for you... is kinda boring. At the time of writing this, our dryer is clogged something fierce. I'm dreading having to wrestle it out of the alcove and vacuum it out, because the pipe always falls off at the least provocation. Wish me luck.

So I leave you with the only slightly fictional situation from a pub waitressing job of mine. I started literally when the place opened, so the management didn't have some things squared away yet. Like matching employee t-shirts or checkbooks. You know, those little black books sit-down places have to put the check in and make it look professional? So the servers were always stealing and counter-stealing them. If we weren't so busy with all the customers a new business gets I'm sure it would have devolved into a wrestling match. Which I would have lost, because I'm short.

Stay sane everybody! See you on Thursday for another pub story!