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TPS Tues: Selective Perception

25th Jan 2016, 11:00 PM
TPS Tues: Selective Perception
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ProjectShiro 25th Jan 2016, 11:00 PM
Happy Tuesday, Jobzombies. I hope you are doing better than I. Last Tuesday (after writing the TPS Tuesday report) I came down with some crazy digestive issue which left me wanting to do nothing but sleep on the couch for several days. I saw a doctor on Friday and tests are being run, but as of this report I still do'nt know exactly what's causing it. I do know better how to deal with it now, so I was eventually able to get this week's comic done.

I was planning on taking a break the week of Valentine's Hell, but please be aware that it may extend into next week as well.

Other than that nothing much happened last week. I got some more work done on the Landing Party cast, which you can see here on my Tumblr. There's only one more main character to work on. 83 But for now I will leave you with a "new" segment, which continues on from the Vol 1 Kickstarter prints:

Murphy's Law @ Work:
The customer will never see you putting on hygiene/safety gear. Even if you glare at them specifically while doing so.