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Guest Strip: Crop Dusting

1st Oct 2015, 12:00 AM
Guest Strip: Crop Dusting
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ProjectShiro 1st Oct 2015, 12:00 AM
Submitted and Drawn by: Jim Haas
Jim writes: "This happened to me at my old job quite a lot, actually. It was a small, family company I was working for. He was all about professionalism, and yet he'd fart all the time as he walked the halls of our office, especially in the morning when I was the only one in. If he'd of giggled about it, then I'd of been ok with it because that would have turned it into a joke. But instead, he just acted like it wasn't happening ... not even a simple 'excuse me'."

Jim's comic Nate the Robot is a story about a robot trying to survive every day life and its problems: employment, marriage, in-laws, family, friends, secret organizations, etc...

These guest comics have been drawn by fellow Webcomics Underdogs, and paid for by generous Kickstarter donors, allowing me more time to work on the book! A big thank-you to everyone who's helped out! 8D This is the last of them, so I'll be going on hiatus until all the Kickstarter rewards are mailed. I anticipate this to last until mid-November, but it may extend into the holiday season as my day job picks up.

If you're in the Lawrence, KS area and you're interested in pre-ordering HWSS@W Vol 1 come out to Free State Comicon on Saturday! I'll be sharing a booth with Marshall Edwards, among 32 other local creators! It's only $5 to get in!


plymayer 1st Oct 2015, 12:33 AM