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TPS Tues: Print Preview 2

30th Jun 2015, 8:54 AM
TPS Tues: Print Preview 2
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ProjectShiro 30th Jun 2015, 8:54 AM
Work chugs along on the Kickstarter rewards. Here's the finished Kickstarter print #2, and the beginnings of flats for #3! If all goes well I should have #3 done by today. Not having to worry about weekly comic updates is really a Godsend. This Thursday's comic has a lovely storybook feel to it. But don't let that fool you! You will still facepalm.

On Saturday I was invited to Marshall Edward's Drinkathon. It was really nice chatting with him over the interwebs. We're on different sides of the comic business; he produces and prints whole issues while my experience has been mostly with weekly updates. Hopefully I can snag some good advice from him with my next project, which I plan to write as a full-page webcomic.
In the meantime, Marshall's Kickstarter for his superhero comic Prairie City Response has 23 hours to go and only $618 left to raise. I picked up the first issue at Free State Comic Con last year and the work is solid. The colors are what really drew me, done by the awesome Outland Entertainment. And this issue is slated to have tons of great action!
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plymayer 30th Jun 2015, 10:34 PM
I answer phones at my job and don't get a lunch break. THIS happens EVERY night.