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TPS Tues: Delicious Fake Sympathy

24th Mar 2015, 12:00 AM
TPS Tues: Delicious Fake Sympathy
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ProjectShiro 24th Mar 2015, 12:00 AM
Hello Thankless Workers! It feels like I've been away for a year, but the hiatus was necessary to finish all of my other projects. Now Kickstarter work can commence in earnest! And as a reward for being so patient, I'm glad to announce the return to twice-weekly updates! Tuesdays are now officially home of the TPS Tuesday blogs, while the comic will upload as usual on Thursday. "But blog posts aren't 'real' updates!" I hear you whining. Fret not, because TPS Tuesday will not only feature boring real-life updates, but also extra story submissions! I've received quite a few since starting this venture that I haven't been able to squeeze into gag-strip format effectively. Adding little sketches like the one above allows me to turn these blogs into scheduled updates that you all can comment on as well! Back-patting all around!
Before I get into the first story, I want to thank everyone who came out to Planet Comicon and stopped by the booth. Several of you endured my spiel and I even got some story submissions! While it's true that my obsessive need to craft things means I'd be doing this anyway, the best part of this job is making other people happy with the things that I craft. A sincere thanks to everyone who gives this craft a chance.

Enough of the sap. Onto the first TPS Tuesday story!
Last Wednesday at the Cookie Store there's a call from a customer, we'll call her B, complaining that she never received her order. The employee on duty calls the delivery driver who confirms he gave it to the receptionist at the address, which was a landscaping company. By Friday, B contacted the owner, S, stating she had put the wrong address into the online order form but gave a different address to one of our employees(she hadn't). B also stated that she opened a dispute with her credit card company, but would drop it if we delivered another bouquet to her home that day. S, being a crafty woman, called the landscaping company who confirmed yet again that the boquet was sitting on B's desk, and they had called her several times to come pick it up. B was a new employee, and was apparently out sick. S sends an email to B stating that we had delivered the bouquet as promised, but if B would like to explain the problem further we could figure out how to make it right. Which is the polite way of saying: "You should have planned better; we can't send out new cookies willy nilly to every chump who asks!" B replies with another email sent about 11am that she can't go pick up the bouquet because she is in an "ongoing legal dispute" with the landscaping company. Where she works. For reference, the delivery drivers are coming in an hour at this point and there's no way we can bake and decorate another bouquet in that time, along with the rest of that day's orders.
This is when I remember taking a call way back on Wednesday from the landscaping company. The discussion went like this:
Caller: "We have a bouquet here for B, can you tell me who sent it?"
Me: "Sure!" *rifles through order forms* "It was... B. ..... Wait, that doesn't look right..."
Caller: "Ok, thanks." *hangs up*
Upon closer inspection the order was a rather large and expensive sympathy design, with a wall of text on the gift card. Something about a PRAYER CHAIN IN PROGRESS (BECAUSE CAPS MEAN EMPATHY) and "this," whatever it was, being nothing compared to losing the love of your life too soon, and other vague references to sickness and loss.
So have you followed the clues, readers? Have you figured out this inane scheme? B spent upwards of $80 sending a massive cookie bouquet to herself at work to lend creedence to the story that she was horribly sick(and thus could not work for a paycheck). Then when her employers found out and she couldn't collect and enjoy her delicious fake sympathy cookies, threatened to not pay us unless we gave her more free product and delivery. What's the "ongoing legal dispute" about? God only knows, but I suspect it has something to do with blaming everyone else for her poor planning skills.
S offered to have another driver pick up B's bouquet and deliver it to her house, if she paid a new delivery charge. We have not yet heard back.


AutobotDen 24th Mar 2015, 9:14 PM
... Good lord, that reminds me so much of the job I had way back in comic #8!