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by ProjectShiro on 5th Aug 2013, 4:00 PM

I can't believe HWSS@W has been going for a month already. And I have 10 subscribers apparently! Hi subscribers! 8D Thank you so so much for reading. It really makes my day to see the stats go up. X3

I just finished moving and haven't had a chance to keep up my buffer as much as I'd like. But with a bit of extra work (and extra time from having no job yet XD) I'll soon be back at the 3 week mark! Now if I could just sell this old scanner and get my walls covered in pretty inspiring art again... No... must... work...

Third Week

by ProjectShiro on 18th Jul 2013, 11:39 AM

We're now into our 3rd week of posting, and I'm starting to keep up with the buffer finally! Hopefully everyone is enjoying these and I'm not just drawing them for myself. However according to the stats page we are getting several dozen hits a day even when I don't advertise. If you've stumbled upon the comic then I welcome you! Feel free to poke around, leave a rating or a comment, and tell me how I'm doing. This is my first solo webcomic after all and any feedback is appreciated.

Don't forget that you can submit stories too! Head to the About page where I've posted a handy submission form and contact email. Please keep all stories PG-13. Excepting of course examples of the stupidity of the adult world which may not be appropriate for young children idolizing adults.

And We're Live!

by ProjectShiro on 2nd Jul 2013, 12:12 AM

The first comic just went up an hour ago. This is so exciting. X3 I know there's not a lot here but I pledge to keep the laughs coming as long as I have horrible jobs. (And that's likely to be a looooong time.) Don't forget everyone is welcome to submit stories. Yes, even you! Head on over to the About section for the submission template and email address.

This weekend I'm going to have a table at Kantcon. If you're in the KC area and love gaming you should drop on by. Admission is super cheap and there are mountains of tabletop games for you to play, not to mention vendors selling books, miniatures, and all kinds of dice.


by ProjectShiro on 3rd Jun 2013, 1:11 PM

Hey everyone! I'm hoping to have the comic ready to post by July. The first 8 strips are pretty much done, which should give me a good month's buffer of Tuesday/Thursday updates.

We've all had bad jobs. Stuffing envelopes, cleaning toilets, catering to arrogant customers... My goal with this webcomic is to collect work stories from all over the web so we can laugh at them instead of cry. Send an email to ProjectShrioStudios (at) gmail DAWT com with your story and I'll stick it in my plot bunny folder for future use. Don't forget to add a description or picture of yourself so I can draw you! (Anonymous stories are ok too.)

If you can't wait until July then head on over to New Haven Comics to see my current gig coloring Zero's Heroes!

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